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Grand Ledge Girls Golf Team Looks to their Seniors in 2019

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The Grand Ledge ladies golf team is poised to continue their strong play over the recent years due in part to the growth and leadership of their 2019 senior class. In Emily Winkler, Marissa Vandermoore, and Vienne Sereseroz Comets golf not only has a talented trio, but also a group that can lead the team to the upper levels of the division. 

“This year I think we will finish second in the league behind Okemos as we have the last six years. My seniors, Vienne Sereseroz should be one of the top three players in the conference.” Grand Ledge Golf head coach Jeffery Miller commented. “My other two seniors are coming off of two years of their varsity letters – this would be their third year and I suspect them to make all conference and our team to be strong enough to finish second.”

The Comets strength will come from the top of the leaderboard in Sereseroz. Consistently one of the areas top golfers she has been putting in the work to improve the finer points of her game. “She’s grown a lot – Vienne started out very excited and everyone was excited that she was here. I’ve seen her grow in her course management more than anything else.” Miller said of Sereseroz. “She’s learned how to hit the ball better, longer and straighter which makes course management a lot easier. She was not very strong at that when she first got here but now she’s learned that you don’t have to hit every shot perfect to still make 4’s”. 

“I’m a senior, and it comes with responsibility. Your younger teammates look up to you. They are looking to know what to do and what to do when you’re here (on the course).” Sereseroz replied. “Coach has prepared us for what to expect and the weather, how the course is going to be and how we should play. He’s taught us what shots we need to practice and what shots we usually take on the course.” 

Leadership is what drives any high school sports team, but it takes a special group to know they have to lead by example to be successful. “I’m excited and I’m hoping to get a new personal best. (breaking 90 for 18 needs to work on putting); I plan to practice a lot on that this season.” 

“We played hard every day this week and feel that will help us in our preparations.” Emily Winkler said of her role on the team. Marissa Vandermoore echoed those thoughts. “It’s a role model thing! I feel like I need to be a role model, but on the other hand I like to have fun. I’d like to teach them to have fun and not worry about the little mistakes you’ll make”