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An Open Letter to Our Readers & Followers

I read recently that we are in a civil war, just this time it’s not north vs. south; but red vs. blue. I haven’t been able to escape that notion. When we built The Lansing Herald our mission was to be a safe place. A place where you read stories without trolls, read about your friends and neighbors and left with a smile. We wanted to be your Sunday morning reader or your five minute break from life. We wanted to be a place to celebrate the smiles around us and not spread the stress. Recent events have made us realize we got caught up in the storm. We have strayed from our mission, and we need to change.

Please make no mistake I am a bi-lingual, wall hating, flag waving, Jesus loving, LGBTQ+ protecting, donut eating, cranky SOB who believes the process of politics is vital and is fascinating. But that’s just me. That’s not us. We’ve made a decision to get back to our roots. We are going to be removing the crime reports, the political cartoons and the OP-ED page. We will no longer be accepting political based ads or endorsing political candidates. There are other places for that.

What we will be doing is bringing you less from the witness stands but more from the lemonade stands. Less of the town hall but more from the bowling hall. More ball pit, than pulpit. You will find us with the middle school medals, book clubs, wine clubs, moms groups and inside the old folks homes. We will get ourselves back to the sunny side of the street and yes we will bring you your homecoming queen.

Glen Dudasik
Publisher/Owner of The Lansing Herald


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