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 Williamston Theatre’s cure to winter blues is the mysterious To Quiet The Quiet 



Liz Ball: Williamston Theatre’s cure to winter blues is the mysterious To Quiet The Quiet

Williamston Theatre’s Opening Night production of To Quiet The Quiet is a captivating World Premiere that reminds you what theatre can do. A World Premiere is a unique show as the audience has the opportunity to watch art truly come to life for the first time. The playwright, director, and cast work together to tweak the script, characters and performance so that it grows into the final product delivered on stage. Williamston Theatre brings this production to life for the first time in our small town featuring award winning playwright, Christy Hall.

Also, who doesn’t love a good mystery especially in the dead of winter? The playwright, Christy Hall, delivers a mystery with a script full of plot twists and turns, riveting characters and surprises along the journey that is sure to intrigue the audience. Hall is on Variety’s list of top ten screen writers and it is easy to see why. She is also currently working on a Netflix series, I Am Not Okay With This, partnered with the producers from, Stranger Things.

The Story: Having suffered great loss and heartbreak in her life, Kathy, now middle-aged and alone, is a woman on the edge.  Haunted by her past, and her own personal demons, Kathy seems to be losing the battle against her thoughts, her words, and her fears.  The one man who can help Kathy may prove to be just as powerless against her.   To Quiet The Quiet, a new mystery play, will keep you riveted through its deepest, darkest secrets.  

The cast of To Quiet The Quiet features newcomer Steve Wojtas to the Williamston Theatre stage, along with returning artists Brenda Lane (Doublewide, Too Much, Too Much, Too Many and John Lepard (A Hunting Shack Christmas, Memoir).  Shannon Wojtas (Our Lady of Poison) is Director of To Quiet The Quiet.  The production team includes Scenic Design by Lex Van Blommestein, Lighting Design by Dustin Miller, Costume Design by Holly Iler (Out of Orbit, Doublewide), Sound Design by Jason Painter Price (A Hunting Shack Christmas, Out of Orbit) and Props Design by Michelle Raymond (A Hunting Shack Christmas, Silent Sky).  The Stage Manager is Stefanie Din (A Hunting Shack Christmas, Silent Sky).

The director, Shannon Wojtas is excited to return to the Williamston theatre with this production and enjoys working with cast and crew. Shannon Wojtas’ zeal when discussing the play is infectious and compelling. Shannon Wojtas shares how when she first read the script that the ending enthralled her and though you want more detail, Shannon Wojtas is not going to reveal this story’s secrets before it is seen on stage. Shannon Wojtas shares how the casting process went smoothly and was fairly typical. Shannon Wojtas states that this was her first opportunity to work with Brenda Lane and how it has been a very pleasant surprise. 

The director and cast are vivacious while secretive about the story and their first reactions to the script. Shannon Wojtas explains, “I first read the story a couple weeks after giving birth to her first child and the ending was really intense and really hard that I could not even read it fully, I just skimmed it. My first reactions were ‘this is so sad’.” Steve Wojtas shares, “I thought of Twin Peaks. The strangeness and as an actor playing it and what that would involve.” Brenda Lane shares, “When I read it, I thought this is the type play I like to go see. I love plays where when they end, you feel like you have to go out and get a drink and talk about what just happened.” John Lepard says how he read the script first, loved it and passed it on to Tony Caselli, Williamston’s Theatre’s Artistic Director for review. Lepard summarizes, “I liked it from the very first read, I thought it was very interesting and Christy is a terrific playwright. I was glad it had not been produced because I love that we are doing it here for the first time.”

When discussing the production and the characters, one instantly realizes that the entire cast is loving the emotional journey of starring in this show. Lane shares, “I feel the story of the pain Kathy has experienced in her life and what that has done to her life, and how it stopped her from being the fully realized person she could actually be is an important story to tell. I think it happens to a lot of people that they start out one way in life and a catastrophic event happens and it kind of changes everything.” Steve Wojtas and Lepard discuss how the timing, banter and rat-a-tat is fun to play and how it is a unique thing on stage. Lepard’s character causes the story to unfold and is a dose of reality. “After we think we have had everything set up one way, it kind of goes another,” Lepard shares. 

Williamston Theatre’s stage illustrates a typical home for this show. The set cascades to the edges of the room, leading into the hallway of the theatre which is unique. The sound design of this show is unusual as it emphasizes small tasks like setting down of a glass on a table. It gives the appearance of no boundaries or limitations and the story feels the same.

Opening night, the theatre felt alive with an intense atmosphere full of captivating heartbreak, raw emotion and intrigue. The performance of To Quiet The Quiet had the audience anxiously waiting for the next reveal as the story came to life. The play offers a compelling plot, a story full of emotion that is painful, horrifying and relatable at the same time. There is also understanding to be discovered. The journey experienced when seeing this show is thought provoking and full of depth. The show delivers an enthralling play by a talented playwright, director and cast. 

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