August 11 - August 17 2019

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Quick Reads



Dad says to his family who all sat down for lunch: “Hey, there’s a house down Haslett road that had a bunch of free stuff out on the curb, including a bunch of golf clubs and other random stuff”

Boy (stops chewing mid bite): “Wait...they had golf stuff? (Checks clock) I’ve got 35 minutes before I need to leave. I’m going to go down there after lunch and get it!”

Confused Mom and Dad: “uh the golf stuff? Um...okay”

Boy Stops eating: “No ...I’m going to run down there now and will walk it all back!”

Boy jumps up from the table and abandons his lunch...I repeat HE’S A 13 yr Old Boy WHO JUST LEFT HIS LUNCH...grabs his shoes and BOLTS out the door and down the driveway.

A few moments elapse and Mom and Dad are still slightly confused...boy comes back with a golf bag and a spattering of clubs.

Boy: “I got what I think was enough to make a whole set....(boy runs off to his room) comes back with random golf book we didn’t know we owned and starts flipping through pages of the book “Here it is! Here’s what I need for a full set!”

Boy turns around...WITH HIS BOOK, and his highlighter (and now emptied golf bag slung over his shoulder)...and runs back out of the house.

Boy comes back after a lengthier time than the first run...with more clubs and a bigger smile. Apparently the kind person who was curbsiding her families extra golf stuff, saw the boy and his book, and took the time to help him complete his set. She even went back into the house into the catacombs of her basement to emerge with a putter just for him. (and extra golf balls, and a glove, and tees and and and ...)

So here’s to the unknown kind lady down the road...for making the boys dreams come true (apparently??? We aren’t a golfing family and he never really mentioned ever wanting to play...I swear to you we didn’t know this) and blessing him (or cursing him, I’ve heard that’s how golf can get!) with his first love of golf! - GD


Sitting here this morning at the Fowlerville McDonalds and wanted to commend the staff for their actions and efforts. The man before me was in his later stages of life and you could tell this excursion was not only a struggle for him, but also one of the highlights of his day. The manager sat him down and assured him that there would be a slight delay but only because they’d made a fresh pot of coffee for him. He settled into a seat near the front and patiently waited.

I also ordered a cup of coffee and was patiently eager for the fresh cup as well. The young lady behind the counter went to grab the first cup up for me and was politely instructed that the first cup was due to the gentleman sitting by himself. They then proceeded to hand deliver that cup so the man didn’t have to get up. They also corrected a biscuit order for him to make it specifically as he’d requested. It too was hand delivered.

They were eager to please and didn’t think anything of it.

A few minutes passed by and the elderly man moved on about his day. A few groups of customers later some men came in and started to complain, jeering almost, about the lack of ice in the lobby bin. The staff explained that they’d been busy this morning and would get to it immediately. The group of customers mocked the situation & grumbled while being brought ice.

The two scenes made me pause and think about the reality of these young workers and the things they see and deal with on a daily basis. I commend them wholly for having their priorities in place and being a positive representation of who and what we can all be if we just take a moment to pay attention to the world around us. -GD

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